Southern California Catching Up to Northern California in Tech Jobs

The Los Angeles area always had Hollywood glamor, and now it’s gaining in nerd appeal.

According to the California Cybercities 2006 report from AeA (formerly the American Electronics Association), a trade organization for the high-technology industry, Southern California’s technology industry is nearly as large as Northern California’s. The authors of the report say Northern California employs 439,000 technology workers, versus 418,000 high-technology workers in Southern California.

California’s high-technology employment totaled 904,900 in 2004, down 10,600, or about one percent, from the year before. Job losses in California’s technology industry slowed in 2004, compared to the 67,800 jobs lost in 2003 and the 134,400 lost in 2002. That still totals job losses approaching 215,000 over the last three years for which statistical data is available.


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