Monthly Archives: April 2007

Work Remains, but Microsoft’s Security Focus to Continue

CNet’s ran an article last week about Microsoft’s ongoing advance in the realm of Internet security, where the company is pursuing market-share gains against entrenched anti-virus and security players such as Symantec, McAfee, and Trend Micro.

The upshot is that Microsoft is making progress, opening security response and research operations in Ireland and Japan, in addition to the one already operating in Redmond, and continuing to add noted experts to its growing staff of security specialists.

Microsoft doesn’t have all its bases covered. It still must improve how quickly it is able to detect new threats and provide signatures to customers. It also needs to do a better job of providing behavior diagnostics that can guard against certain types of zero-day threats. Finally, it hasn’t finished integrating all the security products and technologies it has developed and acquired during the last few years.

Still, Microsoft’s security capabilities are improving. Belatedly, it has assumed the responsibility to provide defenses for its own operating systems and applications software. It has also been forced to acknowledge the security obligations it owes its customers and partners. 

Competitors are paying attention, too. Every major security player is resigned to losing market share to Microsoft in consumer and enterprise markets. The only questions relate to how much market share Microsoft will claim and how quickly it will claim it.