Monthly Archives: May 2011

Opening the Shutters

Up here in Canada, where I reside, a long weekend has just come to a close. It’s known as the Victoria Day weekend, or more colloquially as the May 24 weekend. For those who own cottages, it’s the weekend when one “opens the shutters” at bucolic hideaways, a time when cottagers sweep out the cobwebs and get their rural sanctuaries ready for summer frolic.

Well, I don’t own a cottage. Instead, I have this blog, which has gotten rather dusty during the winter months, The neglect was benign, the result of my being busy professionally. I’m still busy, but I want to try to post the occasional nugget of wisdom (or of fool’s gold) in this forum when the opportunity presents itself.

So, as the saying goes, watch this space. Just for the record, I should add that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Nobody else is responsible for them, and nobody else should have to take the blame for anything I write here.

Have a good evening, even if it’s not a holiday Monday where you live.