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As Insieme Emerges, Former Cisco Spin-In Exec Leaves

As Cisco spin-venture Insieme Networks emerges from the shadows, reports indicate that a co-founder of earlier Cisco spin-in property Nuova Systems has left the mothership.

Soni Jiandani, a longtime Cisco executive who joined the company in 1994 and last served as SVP for Cisco’s Server Access and Virtualization Technology Group, reportedly left the company in March, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Previous Player in Spin-In Crews

Her departure seems to have occurred just as news about Insieme began to circulate widely in business reports and the trade press. In the Nuova spin-venture, Jiandani teamed with Mario Mazzola, Luca Cafiero, and Prem Jain, all of whom now are ringmasters at Insieme.

Earlier in her Cisco career, Jiandani served as VP and GM of Cisco’s LAN and SAN switching business unit, part of the Data Center, Switching and Wireless Technology Group. Before that, she was involved with earlier Cisco spin-in venture Andiamo Systems, where her partners in invention again were Mazzola, Cafiero, and Jain, among others.

Notwithstanding her previous involvement with SAN-switching spin-in Andiamo and data-center switching spin-in Nuova, Jiandani was not reported to be involved with Insieme, which will deliver at least part of Cisco’s answer to the incipient threat posed by software defined networking (SDN).

Postscript: On Twitter, Juniper Networks’ Michael C. Leonard just stated that Jiandani is at Insieme. No doubt confirmation (or not) will be forthcoming, here or elsewhere.