Mazzola Switches Again?

Many of you were avid readers of a post I wrote on Mario Mazzola, Cisco’s former chief development officer (CDO), and his rumored next move. I don’t have much additional detail to report — certainly nothing definitive — but I have heard further rumblings that I will now share with you in an unalloyed spirit of speculative generosity and kindness.

What I hear now is that Mazzola is involved with a startup switch company. I don’t know whether said company has been devised as a Cisco “spin-in,” or whether it will be an independent venture funded by Mazzola and others.  The rumor suggests that at least some of Mazzola’s former collaborators will join him in the venture.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve heard. I don’t know what type of switch the alleged company will develop, when the company might emerge from the shadows and into the light, or when I might have further information to convey.  As I learn more,  I’ll let you know.

For you SDN aficionados, I should have a new post tonight or tomorrow morning.

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