Why I’ve Been Quiet

What happened? Where did I go?

Some of you were asking those questions, and some of you weren’t. For those inquisitive souls who were curious, if only fleetingly, about my active status and whereabouts, I can report that a combination of professional workload and personal injury has kept me away from the blogging keyboard these last few days.

Although my synapses are firing and many thoughts — some of more merit and value than others — have arisen in the caverns of my mind, I haven’t had enough time to commit them to this forum.

Regrettably, I don’t know when the situation will change. Commerce calls, obligations impinge, and time is always an enemy. I don’t have enough time. I wish I could manufacture more of it. If I had a functioning time-generation machine — or even an applicable patent on the invention that I could defend successfully in an East Texas courtroom — I’d be a less-anxious man.

Instead, I am anxious, harried, pressed for time. I provide paid consulting services, of course,  but most of you aren’t in the market for that sort of thing, and I sympathize. I wish I could write here as often as I’d like.

So, for now, I’ll have to put off an analysis of Cisco’s latest financial results and the riddles they contain. I’ll have to refrain from writing about what might or might not be occurring in the post-acquisition landscape of HP Networking. I’ll have to defer commentary on how the persisting global economic malaise will impact virtualization and cloud computing.

I’ll keep thinking about the big questions — and many smaller ones, too — but I won’t be able to write about them with the frequency to which I have become accustomed. For that, I apologize.


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