Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

Microsoft Sucks Up to China, Disparages Google

Is there such a charge as conduct unbecoming an industry behemoth?

It’s probably not on the legal books, but it’s an ethical salvo that we could launch justifiably at Microsoft, whose smug chortling over Google’s China dilemma is both misguided and unseemly. To indulge in schadenfreude is all too human, but to feature it in public relations is another matter entirely.

Besides, Microsoft’s self-righteousness is presumptuous. Microsoft might think it has China all figured out, but it might want to think again. After all, if Microsoft feels the best way to court the Chinese authorities involves copious recourse to obsequious blandishments and abject flattery, well, I don’t think it could said to be standing on firm ground.

Really, it’s beyond the pale to see Microsoft preaching that Google needs to be more patient and flexible if it wants to continue doing business in China. Rather than pointing out the alleged errors of Google’s ways, Microsoft might be better advised to revisit its own China policy to ensure that its opportunity assessments are accurate and its intellectual property will be secured.