Microsoft Finally Announces Opalis Acquisition

I’m not sure what took so long, but Microsoft today finally announced its acquisition of run-book-automation software vendor Opalis.

Although terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, sources told me back in October that Microsoft would pay about $59 million for the Toronto-based software concern.

What delayed the announcement of the acquisition? I’m not sure, but acquisitions involve armies of lawyers, members of a profession that introduced the commercial concept of “billable hours.”

With proven products and technology, Opalis has a roster of blue-chip customers. In a blog post, Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Management & Services Division, held forth on the significance of the purchase:

This deal brings together the deep datacenter automation expertise of Opalis with the integrated physical and virtualized datacenter management capabilities of Microsoft System Center. I believe Opalis’ software together with the System Center suite will improve the efficiency of IT staff and operations, and customers will gain greater process consistency. Opalis’ software captures the IT processes, in a documented and repeatable way, which can be run over and over again. These capabilities will be added to Microsoft System Center to help customers automate complex IT processes, increase cost savings and shorten timeframes for IT service delivery across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments.

So why is IT process automation so important to us? We know that as customers and service providers use Microsoft server infrastructure, tools and applications in more – and larger – datacenters, these customers require a greater level of automation in their operations. This is especially important as our customers build out highly automated and scalable virtual environments.


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