Cisco Wi-Fi Support for Flip Makes Sense

A Cisco spokesperson apparently informed Pocket-lint that the networking giant will be releasing a Wi-Fi-equipped version of the Flip mobile video camera in the first half of 2010.

The new pocket-camcorder model would allow its owners to upload video footage directly from the device over public and private Wi-Fi networks. As Pocket-lint notes, that capability is supported today by a number of DSLR cameras.

This new Flip also will include other new features. The Cisco spokesperson who spoke to Pocket-lint said the new model will feature “a large screen that slides to reveal the record and menu buttons underneath,” allowing users to see what’s happening when they are recording.

For Cisco, which owns Linksys and other Wi-Fi technologies, it’s a logical progression to offer wireless LAN support in the mobile-video cameras it obtained through its acquisition of Pure DIgital.

Presuming the report is accurate — and it has the ring of truth — it will be interesting to see where Cisco goes next with the Flip product line. The odds might still be against it happening, but Cisco conceivably could add 3G and 4G support to a future model. I suspect that decision will turn on how aggressively Apple and others add future video capabilities to their smartphones and whether CIsco feels it must add phone functionality to the Flip to counter such measures.


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