Nokia Siemens Networks Without COO As It Ponders Bid for Nortel MEN Assets

There’s a great headline and an interesting story over at Light Reading regarding an executive departure at Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), which has experienced more than its share of drama in recent weeks.

Mika Vehviläinen, chief operating officer at NSN, is leaving the company to become the president and CEO of airline operator Finnair.

Said Vehviläinen:

” . . . . it was clear to me that the right change for the company and our customers would reduce the role of a dedicated chief operating officer. When Finnair approached me, it seemed like the right opportunity at the right time.”

Apparently NSN will not have a COO under its new executive structure. The joint venture’s CEO is Rajeev Suri, who came from the Nokia side of the house and led the services business at NSN before his promotion.

Now without a COO, Nokia Siemens Networks is said to be considering an auction bid for Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networks (MEN) business assets. The deadline for bids originally was November 9, but Nortel has extended it for as many as five days.


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