Microsoft Acquires Opalis for $59 Million

Following up on news first reported by Brenon Daly of The 451 Group, sources say that Microsoft has acquired Toronto-based Opalis for approximately $59 million.

Opalis provides single-console process-automation (also known as run-book automation) software that orchestrates and automates IT processes such as incident, problem, configuration, and change management across IT infrastructure.

The company, which deems itself the “privately held market leader in IT process automation,” announced earlier this month that it had achieved its best-ever quarterly license revenue, with new license bookings growing 104% compared to results in the same period last year.

Daly reports that Opalis was running at about $10 million in annual revenue. It had raised approximately $25 million in venture capital from backers that included Sierra Ventures, VenGrowth, BDC Venture Capital, and Roynat Capital.

6 responses to “Microsoft Acquires Opalis for $59 Million

  1. Is this verified? Only 2 post on Google say this?

  2. When do you think this will happen and how is it only you know about it? Not trying to be difficult – just odd nothing is on the internet, except this…

    • It has been confirmed by people “familiar with the situation.” I did some fact-checking with sources and corroborated what was written on the blog at The 451 Group.

      As an aside, I just want to point out that these deals typically are done well in advance of their public announcements. Some people know what’s happening (or has happened) before the rest of us do.

  3. I have sources as well and your information is completely wrong…this nothing more than a rumour that is completely not true.

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