Layoffs at Fortinet?

Fortinet, a vendor of security appliances and a market leader in unified threat management (UTM), is rumored to be shedding staff. The company’s website says it has more than 1,000 employees.

As I learn more, I’ll provide an update.

Fortinet filed for an IPO during the summer. At the time, the company disclosed neither the price range of the offering nor how many shares it would issue. According to Morgan Stanley, a lead underwriter for the offering, the IPO prospectus is not yet available.

One response to “Layoffs at Fortinet?

  1. I was laid off today from the Ottawa, Canada office.

    I was told others in that office were also laid off.

    I returned today, part time, from months on long term disability. Pure co-incidence ? I do not know.

    My stock options are under some sort of lockup period; Hopefully that ends before my last date of exercise, since the options ARE in the black.

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