No Reply: Neither 3Com nor U.S. Ethernet Innovations Affirms or Denies Affiliation

This is a just a quick update on the post I wrote about whether 3Com is affiliated with U.S. Ethernet Innovations, a company whose sole purpose is to enforce and litigate patent claims relating to legacy 3Com technologies.

At this point, neither company has answered the question. I don’t want to suggest that either party is trying to obscure the nature of a relationship, presuming one exists, between the companies. I am just looking for a simple answer to a simple question: Is 3Com affiliated with U.S. Ethernet Innovations? The answer is binary: yes or no.

I know many of you want the answer to this question. As such, I will continue to pursue it.

3 responses to “No Reply: Neither 3Com nor U.S. Ethernet Innovations Affirms or Denies Affiliation

  1. Keep it up man. This is a pretty fascinating question.

    Is 3COM liasing with known patent trolls. Is it prepared to state that openly. For many of us who care about innovation and the negative effect IT patents have had on it, our purchase decisions may hedge on the answer to that.

  2. Please see the following statement from U.S. Ethernet Innovations (“USEI”) CEO David A. Kennedy providing further clarification regarding the existing relationship between USEI’s parent company and 3Com Corporation (“3Com”):

    “Earlier this year USEI’s parent company purchased 35 U.S. and foreign patents (‘the Ethernet Patent Portfolio’) from 3Com. As a result, the parties have a contractual relationship related to USEI’s ongoing licensing program, with numerous obligations flowing back and forth, including 3Com’s right to receive a significant portion of the royalties derived in connection with the licensing of the Ethernet Patent Portfolio.”

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