Microsoft and Electronic Arts: A Ludicrous Rumor Somehow Takes Flight

Most people are endowed with analytical and critical faculties. They ought to exercise them when they’re confronted by acquisition rumors.

One rumor that should have been scrutinized and summarily rejected as preposterous involved a mooted acquisition of Electronic Arts (EA) by Microsoft. Instead, the rumor whipped up market traders and people who should know better.

Microsoft was forced to refute the nonsense, briefly restoring sanity to proceedings. It won’t be long before the next nonsensical rumor sparks a subsequent onset of mass delirium.

There are good reasons why Microsoft should not and would not acquire Electronic Arts. Others have ably presented the arguments against the rumored acquisition, and I don’t feel compelled to cover the same ground here.

Suffice it to say, think critically when you hear these reports. It doesn’t matter whether you hear a rumor from a broker, a pundit, or a market analyst — or if you read one right here in this forum — please consult your own judgment and do a bit research before you bite the apple.

Not to make you more cynical and jaundiced than you might be, but some people cannot be trusted, either because they are dishonest or because they have been duped by those with ulterior motives.

Look carefully, and with a critical eye, before you leap. A little skepticism can save you from embarrassment, if not a worse fate.

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