Google Proactively Pursues Yahoo Search Engineers

With Yahoo’s need for search engineers drastically reduced as a result of its partnership agreement with Microsoft, Google wisely has chosen to recruit proactively from the ranks of its erstwhile search rival.

Microsoft has signaled that it will hire about 400 Yahoo employees, presumably hoping to grab the best and leave the rest to Yahoo reassignment or layoffs.

Disinclined to leave Microsoft alone at the buffet table, Google now will compete for the best of Yahoo search talent. already is in the race to snare Yahoo search engineers, but it just isn’t in the same league as Google or Microsoft .

Let’s see how Microsoft responds to Google’s aggressive recruitment gambit. Given the pronounced Goodfellas-like rage that Steve Ballmer unleashes when he loses personnel to Google, one would think Microsoft recruiters will be given emphatic orders to trounce Google in the contest for prized Yahoo brainpower.

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