Google Sales Executives Take Their Leave

A few high-profile sales executives have deserted Google recently.

The defections neither suggest nor presage serious problems at the web-search market leader. More likely, it’s a case of well-remunerated executives whose options have vested seeking new challenges in less-corporate confines.

Money buys physical and professional freedom. Google’s plutocrat executive class will occasionally choose to exercise its options — in more ways than one.

2 responses to “Google Sales Executives Take Their Leave

  1. I’m happy to see after my comment on your Kai-Fu Lee post that you recognize that these people leave Google because their options have vested and not because of anything going on at Google.

    When you have enough money to never want for anything, why keep working for the Man? Google is a fine place to work, but it’s a big company now and who wants to deal with big company bullshit when you don’t need to? Only people who are interested in exercising a specific type of power over others.

    • Agreed, some people might wish to leave Google after their options vest because they want to lead or be an integral part of a smaller, more entrepreneurial company. As big companies go, Google isn’t the most bureaucratic, but it’s still a big company, with the pros and cons associated with a big company. That isn’t for everybody.

      But, no, Google isn’t a sinking ship, far from it. People leave for their own reasons, and some stay for their own reasons, but Google will be with us for some time.

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