Widespread Gmail Outage Frustrates Google Users

Google would like businesses and other organizations to adopt its Google Apps.

To be successful in that effort, Google will have to do a better job of keeping its online services, well, online. As reported by nearly everybody, Gmail was down and out for a considerable time today, affecting a majority of the service’s users.

The widespread outage, occurring on a day when outages also hit Dell and others, represented a setback for Google in its efforts to persuade the world that web-based application services can be relied upon to be available when they’re needed most — which, for some applications, is all the time.

Today’s service failure marks the third time this year Gmail has gone missing. It also had notable outages in February and May. Some Gmail and Google Apps subscribers vented their frustrations online — though not on Gmail, because it wasn’t running at the time.

Even though I am a Gmail user, I was not affected the by outage. That’s because I have set up my Gmail account to work on an archaic POP server with an email client. Yes, I am pathetically and unfashionably behind the times, but at least my email kept working.

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