Russian Investor Wants More of Facebook

Digital Sky Technologies (DST), Facebook’s Russian investor, wants to own more of the social-networking sensation.

From the Digits blog in the Wall Street Journal:

The firm (DST) just finished spending $100 million to purchase current and former Facebook employees’ shares of the company, on top of a $200 million direct investment into the social-networking site earlier this year. Now DST, known for its investments in social-networking sites in Russia, Poland and the Baltics, has approached a number of Facebook shareholders seeking to buy more shares, according to several people familiar with the conversations.

After wrapping up its official tender offer, which was closed this week, DST held about a 3.5% stake in Facebook. Two people familiar with the matter said DST has suggested it wants to spend at least $100 million more on Facebook shares.

The Russian investor seems to want to own more equity, and presumably more influence, in Facebook. We don’t know what long-term strategy DST has in mind, but it’s clear that it would like to possess more than a token interest in its American social-networking investment vehicle.

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