Nokia’s Belated Netbook Nothing Special

Another slow news day meant that legions of journalists and bloggers went overboard in response to the announcement of a fairly run-of-the-mill netbook from Nokia.

I just don’t see how Nokia’s netbook changes anything, except that it signals Nokia’s defensive entry into a market that involves wireless mobility and is on real estate directly adjacent to its familiar neighborhood of wireless handsets, including smartphones.

Yes, Nokia will be pushing its Ovi data services alongside its Booklet 3G, but I’m not sure the netbook buys Nokia any meaningful market traction.

The Nokia netbook, about which we’ll know more in early September, might have been more interesting if it had run an operating system designed specifically for netbooks, such as Intel’s Linux-based Moblin or something similarly lean. Instead, it’s going into the netbook ring with bloated, punch-drunk Windows.

Come on, Nokia. After your grandiose Intel announcement, we expected more than this.

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