Fortinet Scoops Up Assets from Defunct Woven

In what seems an unusual move for a company reportedly on the verge of an IPO, Fortinet announced earlier this week that it has acquired “certain assets and intellectual property of Woven Systems, formerly a provider of Ethernet fabric switching solutions for the high-performance computing market.”

The unified threat management (UTM) vendor says Woven’s high-speed switching and traffic-management technology will be used to enhance the performance of Fortinet’s FortiGate-5000 Series chassis-based boxes.

Said Ken Xie, CEO and co-founder of Fortinet:

“Woven’s ASIC-driven approach to high performance is highly complementary to Fortinet’s own strategy for maximizing performance through customized processors. This acquisition will harness the performance power of our respective technologies to offer tremendous benefits to customers who require the fastest and, often, the most mission-critical network security environments.”

Woven apparently had gone under after failing to find follow-on funding earlier this year. That suggests Fortinet probably paid bargain-basement prices for the technology it’s scooped from Woven, which was known primarily as a vendor of 10-Gibabit Ethernet switches.

Fortinet doesn’t say whether Woven employees were included in the deal, but it does say that it intends to continue selling certain Woven products and to provide support to new and existing customers who purchase support contracts.

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