Daily Archives: August 12, 2009

eWeek Would Like to See Security Acquisitions

eWeek has compiled a slide-show list of security acquisitions it would like to see happen.

The list, according to eWeek, was assembled without regard to acquisition rumors, Instead, eWeek put together the list on the basis of product portfolios and competitive positioning.

All the scenarios eWeek puts forward are plausible, and you’ll notice that one — an HP acquisition of McAfee — has been and remains a focus of rumors and speculation.

Data-Center Investments Go East

In matters involving information technology, it isn’t often that Silicon Valley takes a back seat to Virginia, much less New Jersey.

Still, that’s what is happening in the wholesale data-center space, where investments and data-center real estate are increasing on the east coast, often at the expense of data-center expansion in Silicon Valley.

It remains to be seen whether Silicon Valley will experience a shortage of data-center capacity. On the demand side, much will depend on the ongoing health of venture-backed Web 2.0 startups.

Traders Buzz on Rumored McAfee Acquisition

I’ve written about McAfee being an acquisition target. In my view, McAfee is open to a transaction and is unlikely to remain independent much longer.

You could make a case for several potential acquirers, including EMC, HP, IBM, and even Cisco, though such a move by the latter would surprise me.

Anyway, traders are betting that McAfee is in play or will be in play shortly.