RIM: Just Missed LTE Patents, Still Wants Them

Mike Lazaridis, the president and co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM), said today that his company almost had a deal to acquire Nortel’s LTE patents before the latter company opted for bankruptcy proceedings.

In a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation story published today, Lazaridis also confirmed that RIM wasn’t enamored of the LTE patent-licensing agreement that Ericsson collected when it submitted the winning bid for Nortel’s wireless assets in a court-ordered auction.

To wit (from the CBC story cited above):

Lazaridis said Nortel knew his company was interested in purchasing the LTE patents outright but did not make them available in the auction of the other LTE assets. The auction also included a condition that precluded RIM from bidding for those patents within a year.

These conditions undermined the value of the patents, said Lazaridis.

“It’s as if you found a house that you discovered met all your needs and started working on a purchase sale agreement, and in the final hour you discover the owner had given lifetime lease to another party and sublet that property to them,” he said.

“What benefit would there be to consider purchasing that house?” he asked.

So, to extend the metaphor, Lazaridis not only wants the LTE house, but he wants the Swedish squatters removed, too.

One response to “RIM: Just Missed LTE Patents, Still Wants Them

  1. Keep Canadian Technology ownership in Canada. Valuate our previous tax expenditures in promoting this research. Keep future progress in Canada. Is that so hard to understand?

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