Cisco and IBM Among Companies Accused of Infringing Network-Security Patent

In a case filed in May but that apparently got underway recently in a Delaware courtroom, several major vendors — Cisco, IBM, Check Point Software, 3Com, Nokia, Fortinet, SonicWall, and Sourcefire – have been accused of violating a network-security patent originally granted to Peter Shipley in 2000.

Shipley has transferred the disputed patent to Enhanced Security Research LLC, a company that he appears to own and which serves as the plaintiff. Not surprisingly, the plaintiff is seeking compensation in the form of damages.

The allegedly breached patent, for an Intelligent Network Security Device and Method (INSD), can be found at the US Patent Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database along with a related patent filed by Shipley.

Shipley has a LinkedIn profile and a website. He’s also involved in another patent imbroglio with Juniper Networks.

In the case against the slew of vendors mentioned above, a story at TG Daily refers to the allegedly patent-offending products sold by the defendants:

The filing mentions a number of products that are alleged to breach the patent, including the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch, 7600 Series Routers, and others; IBM’s Network Security Appliances; Check Point’s network security appliances and software; SonicWall products; 3Com’s Intrusion Prevention Systems; Nokia’s IP Security Platforms; and a series of Fortinet and Sourcefire products.

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