MIPS Pushes Android into Home Entertainment

MIPS Technologies — former purveyor of RISC chips to computer-workstation vendors and now a vendor of processors used in a variety of home entertainment and networking devices – is hoping to find a revenue-spinning home for Google’s Android operating system beyond the realm of smartphones.

As reported by Network World, MIPS has made available software source code to anyone interested in creating Android applications for products that use the MIPS32 chip architecture.

Said MIPS in a statement:

“We are seeing an enormous amount of customer interest in Android on the MIPS architecture. We are working closely with customers and partners to ensure that critical technologies are available for developers to take advantage of Android for consumer electronics.”

Customers might be interested in exploring Android-on-MIPS applications, but can they make money from them? That’s the salient question, and one MIPs and its OEMs will answer in time.

For now, there’s some question as to whether Android, which entered the mobile market accompanied by hype and high expectations, can fulfill its early promise as a smartphone operating system.


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