iSuppli Reports Moderate Sequential Growth in Handset Shipments

Now is apparently the time for market-research companies to churn out their latest mobile-handset data, with iSuppli joining the deluge in reporting its latest numbers.

It says there was sequential (from the first quarter to the second) growth of nearly 5 percent in the second quarter, the first quarter-on-quarter growth in nine months. (It is important to recognize that this data does not conflict with year-to-year declines in quarterly unit shipments reported by Strategy Analytics and IDC.)

Said iSuppli analyst Tina Teng:

“The moderate increase indicates the worldwide mobile handset market is bottoming out and now is returning to growth.”

For 2009 on the whole, however, the research firm says unit shipments will shrink 9.9 percent (relative to 2008) to 1.1 billion units. That would be the first annual decline in eight years.

Looking to the immediate future, iSuppli foresees an improving second half, with quarter-on-quarter sequential unit-shipment increases of 6 percent in the third quarter and 8.3 percent in the fourth quarter.

We’ll see, though. Nearly everybody seems cautiously optimistic at the moment, but a setback in reported consumer or business spending could occasion downward revisions by market trackers in subsequent months.


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