The History and Mystery of RIM’s Nortel Cage Rattling

As the Ottawa Citizen’s James Bagnall recounts in an article today, RIM has seemed more a provocateur than an earnest prospective buyer of Nortel’s wireless business unit.

For the reasons Bagnall adduces, I don’t think there’s any way RIM can persuade the Canadian government to reverse or otherwise challenge Ericsson’s more than $1.1-billion acquisition of Nortel’s wireless assets. Odds overwhelmingly favor that deal going through, notwithstanding RIM’s belated and obstreperous objections.

However, as I mentioned in my previous post, RIM’s real objective isn’t to have that decision overturned. RIM is applying pressure to the Canadian government to get what it really wants: Nortel’s LTE patents.

The ruse just might work, too. This drama will play itself out soon enough, and it will be interesting to observe.

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