Vista’s Legacy? It Can’t Be Good

On the PC World website, freelance technology journalist Tood R. Weiss wonders about the legacy of Windows Vista.

Don’t be too hard on Weiss. He’s a professional, paid to wonder about such things. If a garden-variety consumer wondered about Vista’s legacy, one would be forgiven for thinking he or she desperately needed a hobby, like golf or voodoo.

In this case, though, Weiss’ purposeful musings are justified. It’s what he does.

So, what does he conclude? Despite giving a temporary soapbox to a Microsoft VP who claims, presumably with a straight face, that Windows Vista will be remembered fondly — by computer-oriented S&M aficionados perhaps? — Weiss draws a parallel between Windows Vista and a 1971 AMC Gremlin.

I always thought Windows Vista was more like the New Coke of operating systems.

Yes, it’s true, as Microsoft submits, that the forthcoming Windows 7 incorporates many advances that first reached market as features and functionality in Windows Vista. However, it’s just as true that the foibles and failings of Windows Vista have been sandblasted, for the most part, from Windows 7.

Really, all things considered, it’s difficult to envision how Windows Vista could be remembered fondly, no matter how many years forward one projects. Corporate flacks argue to the contrary, as they are inclined to do, but the die has been cast.

One response to “Vista’s Legacy? It Can’t Be Good

  1. it took them how many years to release vista? 5? 7? i dont know, it took too long, and if you change the theme it turns right back in to xp, except for popups asking you if you really want to do what you just did. what did microsoft do for so long? im just wonderin. as for it being new and 7 being new… they still use the 16 year old NTFS filesystem. thats way too new for me. especially since ext4 just came out and sun made a kickass one from what ive heard… does microsoft really do anything?

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