New Cisco Sales Structure Imminent

Cisco Systems will be introducing a new sales structure to coincide with the onset of its new fiscal year on August 1.

There is speculation as to whether the sales reorganization is connected, directly or indirectly, to the recent purging of Cisco employees at the company’s headquarters in San Jose and elsewhere.

As part of the change to the sales structure, Cisco will be introducing a Strategic Partner Organization. Details remain sketchy as to what that denotes and entails, but Cisco suggests that the overall restructuring will result in glad tidings for all involved.

“Cisco has announced a reorganization of it field sales structure as of the beginning of our fiscal year, starting on August 1, 2009. The reorganization is intended to create a next-generation sales experience that is seamless, global and brings the full collective power of Cisco to our customers, partners and worldwide field teams. Ultimately, the reorganization will simplify, prioritize and make it easier to do business with Cisco for our customers and partners.”

I like that — “next-geneation sales experience.” It’s presumably like Star Trek with quotas.


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