Anticipation for Apple Q3 Results

Apple will report financial results for its fiscal third quarter after the closing bell ends trading today at 4pm Eastern.

Expectations are relatively high.

The consensus view from market analysts who follow the company is for profit of $1.17 per share on revenue of $8.2 billion. As reported by the Associated Press, that would be two cents less than earnings in the same quarter last year, but about $700 million more in revenue.

With the relatively well-documented early commercial success of the new iPhone 3GS a known entity, and with Apple benefiting from sales of new models of MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the company’s revenue results should not disappoint, even on rough economic seas that have scuppered more than a few of Apple’s putative competitors.

If there is a nagging doubt, it would pertain to earnings. During the quarter, Apple reduced prices on many of its products — including on its older-model iPhones — and there is some question as to whether lower-margin Apple computers might have outperformed higher-end products, at least on a relative basis compared to Apple’s revenue mix in prior quarters.

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