Radware Changes Americas Leadership Again

Radware, a vendor of application switches, has announced that Ramesh Barasia will take over as its president of the Americas.

As noted at Morningstar, Radware tends to depose its Americas leadership every couple years, so Mr. Barasia might just be the latest in a long line of executives who fail to achieve market prominence for Radware products in those still-key markets.

That said, Morningstar takes a guardedly optimistic stance, noting that Radware has high hopes for the Alteon unit it acquired from the increasingly distressed, and nearly completely defunct, Nortel Networks. Radware optimists also cite the relative resilience and robustness of the application-switch marketplace, led by the likes of F5, Cisco, and Citrix.

Radware has been relatively strong in its technology, but comparatively weak in marketing and sales execution in the Americas. A pioneer in what was called the load-balancing marketplace, Radware has lost ground commercially and arguably technologically to F5 Networks over the years.

Radware is banking heavily on tapping the installed base of chronically neglected Alteon to break into Nortel enterprise and carrier accounts. The problem is, the Alteon installed base was defecting long before Radware took over, and the customer exodus appears nearly complete. Radware could be picking at bones rather than enjoying a succulent feast.

Yes, Radware has new leadership in the Americas, but we’ve seen that movie before. The challenge for Radware and Ramesh Barasia is to demonstrate that they can capitalize commercially on the Alteon acquisition.

Time will tell, starting with the company’s forthcoming quarterly results.


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