F5 Target of Recurring Acquisition Rumors

F5 Networks will announce financial results for its fiscal third quarter after market trading concludes Wednesday, July 22.

Having held its own against Cisco Systems in the load balancing and application-traffic management markets, F5 has established market leadership in what are now called application-delivery controllers (ADCs), in a space now classified as application-delivery networking (ADN).

Given F5’s market successes against the likes of Cisco and Citrix, it should come as no surprise that it is regularly the subject of takeover speculation. Such speculation has intensified of late, with IBM and Cisco frequently cited as potential acquirers.

IBM is probably the more likely of the two to make a bid for F5, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. F5 has been independent for a long time, defying many previous takeover rumors, and chances are it will continue to chart its own course.

Other companies might be interested in buying F5, but that doesn’t mean F5 is interested in being bought.

2 responses to “F5 Target of Recurring Acquisition Rumors

  1. FYI – Just to clarify, F5 announces earnings on Wed, July 22, not next Wed (June 24).

  2. Thanks, Dan. Correction noted and made.

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