Motorola Getting Out of Bomb Fuses

When one thinks of Motorola, one typically doesn’t think of bomb fuses.

Instead, one thinks of a telecommunications company that has stumbled, perhaps fatally, in areas such as handsets, wireless-networking gear, and cable infrastructure, including set-top boxes.

It was a surprise, then, to learn that Motorola has decided to divest itself of an Israeli-based business unit that manufactures bomb fuses.

Although protestors in the USA have railed against Motorola’s sales of fuses and communications equipment to the Israeli military, a Motorola spokesman said that’s not why the company is selling the unit. According to the spokesman, Motorola apparently realized belatedly that military technologies, with the exception of communications equipment, aren’t aligned with its strategic direction.

Since Motorola’s strategic direction has been hard to discern in recent years, it’s perhaps understandable that the business unit had remained in the fold until now.


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