Avaya Cuts Another 400 Employees

When Avaya was spun off from Lucent in 2000, it had approximately 34,000 employees. With reports today that another 400 jobs will be eliminated, Avaya will be down to a headcount of about 18,000.

Acquired last year by private-equity firms Silver Lake Partners and TPG for $8.2 billion, Avaya is in aggressive cost-cutting mode. According to an Avaya spokesperson, the latest cuts are additional to a cull of 600 positions that resulted from attrition, layoffs, and retirements since the beginning of 2008.


3 responses to “Avaya Cuts Another 400 Employees

  1. Avaya is the Dolly Parton of equipment makers. Silver Lake told us we are being run like a $40 billion company but we are only $8 billion.

    They intend to get us into “fighting shape”. Cut in the US and hire overseas.

    Who will buy us?

  2. The Bell companies have been good to my family for quite some time now. Avaya just announced that they were closing a large office in Atlanta. I feel for those employees.

    Good luck to all those who survived this round of roulette. Overseas eh? Hmmm… I’ll just keep my head up and keep on moving forward.

  3. I am ex Nortel, Avaya is going to let go 60% of support people that help the customer resolving with Nortel configuration, software defects and hardware issues. What is the best customer satisfaction Avaya promise to customers..?

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