Better Late than Never, Dell Refreshes Laptop Line

Earlier this week Computerworld ran an article about Dell’s refresh of its laptop PC offerings.

It’s about bloody time. Dell was asleep at the switch in the laptop and notebook market for too long. HP and others stole a market-share march on the Round Rock, Texas-based PC purveyor in the mobile PC space, establishing leadership positions that Dell finally is contesting.

Along with the belated product refresh, Dell is aggressively overhauling its channel to better sell laptop and notebook models. Customers like to touch and feel notebooks before buying them. Recognizing this reality — again, belatedly — Dell has shifted away from its web-based direct approach and its kiosk sales to a channel-based emphasis on retail sales.

After giving its rivals a generous head start, Dell is trying to close the gap in the fast-growing mobile-PC market. The desktop market is stagnant, and Dell stuck with it too long. While moving in the right direction, Dell still needs to improve its product design and overall level of product innovation, which lags most of its notebook competitors.

Dell clearly is taking things one step at a time.


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