Yahoo Talent Drain Shouldn’t Surprise Anybody

There is no question that Yahoo’s best employees, its most creative and productive personnel, are fielding job offers and pondering well-timed defections to companies big and small.

Whether you want to blame the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the company or the potential certainty of a Microsoft acquisition, Yahoo stalwarts must be reviewing their alternatives carefully, if not bolting furiously for the exits. Really, whether the company twists slowly in the takeover winds or suffers the fate of being consumed and digested by the packaged-software monolith that is Microsoft, the prognosis is not bright for the deckhands on the good ship Yahoo.

There are several areas where Microsoft and Yahoo overlap. Even if we assume that Microsoft chooses to keep most of the Yahoo staff it inherits as part of any acquisition, these new employees of the Microsoft empire will quickly be disabused of any notion that their Internet endeavors outrank Windows, Office, and Exchange when it comes to priorities and resources.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, the company still revolves around its cash-cow packaged-product franchises. I don’t see that change any time soon.


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