The Wry Comedy of Wireless Operators

After the European Commission threatened regulation as a means of enforcing data-roaming price reductions in the Old World, the ironic humorists at the GSM Association (GSMA), the organization that represents the voracious appetites of wireless operators, retorted that such an interventionist government measure would stifle innovation and stunt the development of new data offerings for roaming.

The GSMA apparently issued the statement with a straight face, too.

Here’s a droll quote from the organization:

"This market is evolving rapidly, as operators develop new and innovative services and tariff packages, including flat-rate pricing packages and bundles," Tom Phillips, chief government and regulatory affairs officer of the GSMA, said in a statement. "In such a period of rapid growth and innovation, the GSMA believes that talk of regulation is premature."

I bet you had no idea the telecommunications industry was known for blinding innovation and consumer-friendly new offerings.

It must be a joke. After all, I tend to equate the telecommunications sector’s embrace of new technologies with a unforgiving death grip. Look what they’ve done to SIP, for example. Look what they’re doing to WiMAX. Before that it was ATM, ISDN, and a host of others.

Give them full marks for understated comedy, though. Where were these guys during the Hollywood writers strike?


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