HP Could be Looking for Acquisitions Valued at “Billions of Dollars”

At HP’s Software Universe conference in Spain today, one of the company’s senior vice presidents said HP is intent on growing its software business, and that not all of the growth is likely to be organic.

That suggests more software acquisitions by HP, though Tom Hogan, the aforementioned senior vice president, wasn’t tipping his hand as to which companies HP might want to purchase.

He did offer the following commentary, however:

If we are looking for purchases, it will in the billions-of-dollars class.

That definitely narrows the range of acquisition candidates, especially with Oracle and, to a lesser extend, SAP, IBM, and HP itself buying up the sizable independent players still on the market.

One company with a market valuation of billions of dollars that HP wont’ acquire is BEA, which recently spurned an inimical takeover bid from Larry Ellison and the swashbuckling crew at Oracle. As reported by Eric Savitz on his Barron’s blog, HP’s Mr. Hogan told Reuters about a week ago that HP wanted to remain agnostic in its support of application-server software such as BEA’s.


2 responses to “HP Could be Looking for Acquisitions Valued at “Billions of Dollars”

  1. I’m surprised Citrix didn’t come to your mind as an HP acquisition target.

  2. John,

    Since your comment arrived, I’ve been giving some thought to that possibility. I might write on the subject shortly. Thanks for the correspondence.

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