3Com Investor Tries Extortion to Pump Up Stock Price

I’m relatively jaded, I’ve seen a lot during my years in an industry that has gone from youthful exuberance to cynical maturity, but even I was taken aback at the news that a man has been accused of sending 17 threatening letters and two pipe bombs in a misguided bid to inflate the value of his shares in 3Com and Navarre Corp.

I understand the desperation of 3Com investors, I really do. The company was, is, and will remain a dog’s breakfast and a faded star in the computer-networking firmament.

But, people, extortion, threats, and physical violence are not the answer. The answer, I’m afraid, is to put your money elsewhere.


One response to “3Com Investor Tries Extortion to Pump Up Stock Price

  1. I can understand that nutcases make the news,but to tie this to 3Com is stretch. I am sure every has there fare share of odd balls. But what people seem to forget that despite of what 3Com has done to itself, they are still around and make a good product. There problem is again themselves and all they need to do is get the word out on themselves better and let people see there is a choicem

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