F5 Networks Continues to Repel Rivals

As two market analysts quoted in an Associated Press wire story attested last week, F5 Networks continues to frustrate its competitors and dominate the application-traffic-management marketplace.

The company, which competes against Cisco Systems and Citrix Systems, demonstrates that it is possible for a smaller, focused player to continually beat back industry titans in a well-defined market segment.

How does F5 do it, holding off repeated attacks by Cisco and a concerted incursions by Citrix more recently?

Jefferies and Co. analyst Bill Choi pretty much nails the answer:

F5’s fundamentals remain compelling, with continued market dominance, superior execution, strong end-market demand and solid product roadmap.

That about covers it. What’s implicit in all that, but what isn’t explicitly stated, is that F5 remains resolutely focused on serving its customers, giving them what they want today while also looking ahead to provide them with what they’ll need in the future.

F5 usually rips the cover off the ball when it makes its quarterly earnings statements, and — like others — I expect this past quarter’s results, to be announced after trading ends this Wednesday, to be typically stellar.


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