Blodget Stirs Pot with Microsoft-Facebook Rumor

Henry Blodget stirred the virtual pot (I could use another phrase here, but it’s not suitable for polite company) yesterday by posting a "rumor of the day" regarding a $6-billion Microsoft takeover bid for Facebook.

I think this is an acquisition scenario Blodget dreamed up on his own. He admits that he can’t confirm it.

When reading the text of his commentary, I got the feeling his aim was to tweak Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer rather than to impart a char-broiled rumor enveloped in smoke and fire. 

Anything can happen in a bizarre world where George W. Bush is president of the United States of America and Madonna is headlining concerts to raise awareness about global warming, but I believe Blodget’s missive was at least four parts mischief to one part plausible outcome.


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