Network World: Why Doesn’t HP Spin Off Its ProCurve Business?

Network World’s LAN Switching’s Burning Questions provide good commentary on provocative questions. The feature is worth following on a regular basis.

Earlier today, I referred to Network World’s musings about the relative costs of Cisco’s switches. Among the future questions to be examined by Network World are the following:

Why doesn’t HP spin off its ProCurve business?

How much can a LAN switch really protect your network?

Wasn’t Dell supposed to dominate the LAN market by now?

They’re all good questions, and I look forward to seeing how Network World handles them. As for the question about HP ProCurve, it had been rumored more than a year ago that Francisco Partners was on the cusp of buying HP’s networking business unit, but that the deal foundered on unsuccessful negotiations regarding the brand identity the acquired property would assume, as well as on other issues.

Now that HP ProCurve is getting plaudits from Gartner Group and its prospects for market-share gains in the enterprise seem to be improving, will HP decide to keep or sell the business? Let’s see whether Network World can shed some light on the current thinking inside HP.


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