Like IronPort, Barracuda Unlikely to Go Public Soon

IronPort is one of the leaders in high-end email security, but at the low end of the email-security space, Barracuda Networks long has held sway with its comparatively low-priced appliances.

Barracuda has expanded its product portfolio to include a web firewall and an instant-messaging firewall alongside the company’s original anti-spam appliance. Advertisements for its products are ubiquitous, accosting you not only on the Internet, but in the real world in places such as airports, roadside billboards, and on popular radio shows.

As speculation has mounted regarding IronPort’s IPO intentions, some observers have begun to wonder whether Barracuda will follow suit or perhaps try to beat its higher-end counterpart to the public market.

Sources tell us, though, that Barracuda isn’t in a hurry to go public. The company claims to have the sort of business metrics that would justify and sustain an IPO, according to those familiar with the situation, but it does not want to make the move until it’s a somewhat bigger player than it is today.

What about the threat posed by Microsoft at the low end of the market? Isn’t that a concern for the folks at Barracuda? We have heard Barracuda isn’t all that worried, though perhaps it should be.


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