HP, Oracle, Intel Take Another Run at the Mainframe

Speaking at Oracle’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco today, Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd estimated that about 65 percent of IT budgets are spent on keeping mainframes up and running.

Hurd also told attendees at the Oracle event that HP, Oracle, and Intel would work together to help customers move mainframe applications to HP servers using Intel’s Itanium processors and Oracle’s application software.  As part of the program, HP, Intel, and Oracle will assess a mainframe customer’s application requirements and recommend a similar application that runs on an Itanium server.

The partnership might prove successful, but Oracle is hedging its bets, separately announcing a mainframe partnership with IBM at the same conference.

Vendors of Unix- and Windows-based servers have attempted to rid the world of mainframes for decades, and this bid by HP, Oracle, and Intel probably won’t be the last. The mainframe has gradually lost its grip on most business-critical enterprise computing applications, but it’s not dead quite yet, as the figures cited by Mark Hurd attest.


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