Google Recruiting Process Tweaked

I missed this article when it first appeared yesterday, but the Wall Street Journal has published an interesting piece on how Google is modifying its recruiting and hiring processes.

In the past, the process favored academic credentials over industry experience, and was described as “glacial” and overly elaborate by many applicants who experienced it firsthand. Now, Google is attempting to streamline the recruiting process, seeking to reduce the number of interviews candidates must sit through, and amending qualifications and requirements for some positions.

As Google’s growth continues, it’s not surprising that it’s internal processes are forced to evolve. As it says in the article:

The recruiting fine-tuning is a further sign that Google’s in-house processes are in transition from those of a start-up to those of a big business. The eight-year-old company had 9,378 employees at the end of the third quarter, and analysts project that its revenue will top $10 billion this year. During the quarter, the company brought in an average of 16 new employees daily, up from 13 the quarter before. Its breakneck hiring has boosted staff from 1,628 at the end of 2003 to 3,021 a year later and 5,680 at the end of 2005.


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