Oracle Acquires MetaSolv to Extend Telecommunications Offerings

With Oracle’s OpenWorld Conference just getting underway in San Francisco, the database market leader announced this morning that it had acquired MetaSolv in a cash-for-stock deal valued at $219 million, about a 23-percent premium over MetaSolv’s market capitalization at close of trading this past Friday.

The acquisition of MetaSolv is Oracle’s 24th in the past two years.

MetaSolv provides operations support software for communications service providers, including wireless and wireline operators. Its software enables subscriber provisioning, service activation, and network inventory.  MetaSolv’s customers include Nextel and T-Mobile.

The acquisition builds on Oracle’s earlier $220-million purchase of Portal Software, which provided billing and revenue-management software company for communications providers.

Oracle wants to extend its reach into vertical markets in which it already is active, such as telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services. In these markets, its plan is to add specialized infrastructure or vertical applications to its existing software stack.


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