Adobe Builds on Flash Momentum with Acquisition of Serious Magic

Abode Systems is building its Flash platform into a multipurpose, multimedia, font of embedded real-time interaction.

It took another step in that direction yesterday with the acquisition of Serious Magic Inc., a  maker of video software and communications tools for creative professionals, businesses, consumers, and education markets. Among Serious Magic’s products are DV Rack, for extending direct-to-disk recording and monitoring into the field, and Visual Communicator and Vlog It, which provide video communication to general business users and casual bloggers.

Said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe:

“The huge momentum behind Flash Video, which is powering everything from online TV shows to YouTube and MySpace, is turbo-charging Adobe’s video business. The purchase of Serious Magic accelerates our vision to make, not just video but all dynamic media, an even more ubiquitous communications vehicle, whether you’re delivering content for the broadcast market, over the web or on mobile devices.”

It’s typical post-acquisition marketing hype, yes, but there’s some truth to it. I also know that Adobe is doing some interesting things internally to fuse SIP-based VoIP, IM, and even P2P capabilities into Flash.

Microsoft, for one, ought to be concerned about the growing applicability and range of Flash.

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