Oracle to Maintain Brisk Takeover Pace, with Focus on Security, BI

Oracle Corp. intends to maintain a brisk pace of acquisition activity, citing security and business intelligence (BI) as areas where it will look to acquire smaller companies whose technologies can be easily integrated into Oracle’s product portfolio and sales programs.

According to a Reuters article that appeared online this evening, the database giant, now also a leader in enterprise-software applications, says major deals also are possible. After a lengthy effort a few years back involving organic software development, Oracle chose to buy its way into the ERP and CRM markets with blockbuster software acquisitions of PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems, respectively.

Vishal Bhagwati, an Oracle vice president whose responsibilities include global mergers and acquisitions, says the company expects to maintain a pace of closing three or four deals per quarter, with most takeovers ranging from $5 million to $100 million per transaction.

Speculation now can begin regarding which security and BI companies Oracle might pursue.


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