Rumors of HP Acquisition of Check Point Persist

I’m not sure whether it will come to fruition, but rumors of an HP acquisition of Check Point persist.

Check Point was in the news this week in relation to its allegedly takeover-friendly market valuation and a technology partnership with Intel that could see Check Point’s unified threat management (UTM) security software perform better on industry-standard hardware powered by Intel’s dual-core "Woodcrest" Xeon Processors than customized, more costly competing products using ASICs or network processors.

The Check Point technology alliance with Intel — both companies have large research facilities in Israel, where this work was undertaken — has considerable potential to improve the performance, throughput, and cost advantages of Check Point’s security products in enterprise markets.

Meanwhile, as we all know, HP has been in the news for an entirely different set of reasons, mostly having to do with the growing, ever-worsening scandal that resulted from its ethically dubious, morally questionable, and potentially illegal investigation into information leaks to journalists that emanated from its board of directors. HP should have sacked its board, and especially chairman Patricia Dunn, as soon as this debacle came to light. By digging in its heels, HP has made the situation much worse than it had to be.

Nonetheless, a significant acquisition, perhaps of Check Point, could prove a useful distraction about now.


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