What’s Taking HP So Long?

The more we learn about the circumstances and details of Hewlett-Packard’s investigation into information leaks from its board of directors, the worse the situation looks for the board’s chairman, Patricia Dunn, and for the integrity and reputation of the company itself.

Yesterday, as reported by the Associated Press, the FBI, the U.S. Attorney for Northern California and the House Energy and Commerce Committee joined the California attorney general and the Securities and Exchange Commission in investigating the HP scandal.

It is well past time for HP to make the right call and dismiss Dunn from the board. No, I don’t think she should retain a board position while losing her status as chairman. She needs to leave the board, never to return.

I cannot believe that HP is struggling with this decision. It’s an easy call, and it should have been made days ago, if not earlier.

CEO Mark Hurd, who has been a golden boy since coming aboard about 18 months ago, should not allow the situation to deteriorate further, which is what will happen if HP doesn’t take definitive action, showing the proper degree of contrition in the process.


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