Viewers Shun Lengthy Online Video

A research survey commissioned by AOL and the Associated Press has found that more than half of Internet users have watched or downloaded video.

Most of the favored fare have been relatively short video clips, including news clips (which have been seen by 72 percent of online video viewers), movie and television clips, music videos, sports highlights, and user-generated amateur videos. It sounds a lot like the portfolio of fare offered by YouTube, doesn’t it?

What’s more, only 20 percent of the online video crowd has watched or downloaded a full-length movie or television show. In all likelihood, that number won’t spike upward dramatically in the foreseeable future.

The research study provides a few reasons why feature-length television and movie videos haven’t taken off. Among the reasons: poor video quality, constrained bandwidth,  and entrenched viewing habits (people still go to their television sets when they want to settle in for an evening of extended entertainment consumption).

YouTube has the right approach to online video, at least for the time being.

Others are quickly encroaching on YouTube’s territory with similar services, but at what point does the YouTube brand become solidly entrenched? Have we reached that point?


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